Here at David Crowley Architectural Woodwork we have our own in house design team that includes many disciplines’ from interior architects, furniture design and computer aided visualisation.


Over the years David Crowley has gathered vast amounts of knowledge across all aspects of the woodwork trade, we has passed on this knowledge to the benefit of architects, builders and clients alike.

CaD Visualisation

We have a very efficient cad system that digitally scans the room and then transfers the measurements into a CAD programme. We then use this data to produce full cad visualisations and also to produce our working drawings; This helps to eliminate human error and also ensures client satisfaction with all aspects of the design.

Project Management

Behind the beauty and quality of our woodwork lies professional project management, a pursuit we take very seriously and which sets us apart from our competition. Fifteen percent of our staff is devoted to drafting, engineering, cost control, workflow tracking, and other client services. Our aim is to provide smooth, open, and effective lines of communication with our clients.


We manufacture all our products in our facility located in Co. Waterford, Thus ensuring the highest possible level of quality control.