Entrance lobby

Entrance Foyer

Timber spiral Stairs

Bespoke Spiral Stairs

Walnut Library

Triple Height Library

Custom Solid Cornice

Library Gold Leaf Detail

Home Bar

Home Bar

Mahogany Bar

Home Bar

Bespoke oak cellar

Oak Whiskey Cellar


Oak Whiskey Cellar


Table Detail

Curved Radiator Cover

Elliptical Paneling



CastleHyde, an 18th century Palladian Castle overlooking the river Blackwater in Co Cork, Ireland, is renowned for being one of the greatest restoration projects Ireland has ever seen. Originally the ancestral residence of Ireland’s first President Douglas Hyde, it is now home to dance legend Michael Flatley and his family. When Michael purchased the property in 1999, it was in a state of almost irreversible decay, but after 10 years of restoration, CastleHyde has been brought back to its former glory.

Bespoke Library

This triple height library is made from American black walnut featuring gold leaf in the fluting and a mural ceiling; it houses over 3,000 volumes and many literary masterpiece first editions.

Home Bar

The bar is a full-sized bar which serves many pints of Guinness to guests. It is crafted from curl mahogany featuring satinwood and gold leaf inlays.

Whiskey Cellar

The Irish oak Jameson-themed whiskey room - complete with four giant casks of Irish whiskey and cabinets lined with rare malts and distillations.

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