Our Team

We have a well-established team of designers, production and project experts and craftsmen, all highly accredited in their respective fields. Having served his apprenticeship to his father (David Crowley snr) David Crowley established David Crowley Architectural Woodwork in 1980. Cabinet making and carpentry have been passed down through five generations of the Crowley family and is now being passed to the 6th. We have established ourselves as one of the leading architectural woodwork companies in Ireland

Forward Thinking

Our team at David Crowley architectural woodwork are dedicated to achieving the best value for our clients, this means that we spend a lot of our time investigating new materials and more cost effective methods of manufacture. We also meticulously plan every aspect of the project, never losing sight of the importance of our high quality product and the exacting standards of our clients.


At David Crowley Architectural woodwork, we have a very sophisticated biomass heating system which converts the energy stored in our waste sawdust to heat. This heat is then used for our factory and store house via our ultra-efficient underfloor heating system ensuring a warm and dry atmosphere (for the furniture) and a pleasant working environment for our craftsmen.

Over the years David Crowley has acquired a large variety of logs, native species from local farms and forests, these have been milled and are stacked for a minimum of 10 years for seasoning and air drying. We have built up a vast stock of seasoned Irish Oak beech, Chestnut, Elm and Ash.

We pride ourselves on

 Unsurpassed customer centred service.

 Making dreams become a reality.

 Meticulously plan all aspects of the build.

 Seamlessly integrating with other appliance and technology providers.

 Eliminating stress.


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